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Speaker’s Biographies

Dr. Naeim is very involved in information technology implementation and research. He is a board certified Clinical

Informaticist for the UCLA Health System, Director of Informatics for the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and

led the UCLA Campus strategic planning effort for Research Informatics on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of Research.

He has implemented numerous systems on behalf of the Cancer Center and Health System. He also directs the Clinical

Research Information Systems Office and the Embedded Clinical Research and Innovation Unit. He has recently

expanded his involvement in health and innovation by chairing the UCLA Health Innovation Board and serving as Co-

Director for the Center for SMART Health, a joint center between the David Geffen School of Medicine and the School

of Engineering and Applied Science.

Speaker Abstract(s): S43

Anita O’Donovan

Trinity College Dublin, Discipline of Radiation Therapy, School of Medicine, Dublin, Ireland

Anita O’Donovan graduated from Radiation Therapy at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2002, and joined the Discipline

of Radiation Therapy at TCD in 2011, as Assistant Professor, having previously worked in both clinical and research

positions as a radiation therapist in Saint Luke’s Hospital, Dublin and Cork University Hospital. Her main research

interest is geriatric oncology, more specifically geriatric assessment, education of oncology professionals, and the

application of these measures in clinical practice. Anita currently sits on the TCD Ageing Theme Steering Committee,

led by Professor Rose Anne Kenny, representing the theme “Cancer and Ageing”. One of the main aims of this research

centre is to optimise opportunities for collaborative research between different disciplines. Ageing research is a main

focus of TCD’s strategic plan, and is one of the major themes prioritised by the college.

Anita also has a keen interest in older patient advocacy and incorporating “service learning” principles into her teaching,

promoting intergenerational solidarity and the adoption of positive attitudes towards older people by future healthcare

professionals. She is also involved in educational outreach for older people through liaison with Age Action Ireland.

Speaker Abstract(s): S44

Rebecca Olin

University of California San Francisco, Department of Medicine, San Francisco, USA

Rebecca Olin is an Associate Professor of Medicine at University of California San Francisco. She received her medical

degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2003. She completed internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology

fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, and also received a Masters degree in clinical epidemiology in 2009. Her

research is centered broadly on the treatment of hematologic malignancies in older patients, with a focus on myeloid

disorders and stem cell transplant. She is investigating the use of geriatric assessment in this population, and also

participates in the development and conduct of clinical trials of novel therapeutic agents.

Speaker Abstract(s): S48

Nina Ommundsen

Oslo University Hospital


Geriatric dept





MD specialising in Geriatric medicine and Internal Medicine at Oslo University Hospital. Research focus: Geriatric

Assessment, frail elderly and optimisation before surgery in colorectal cancer.

Speaker Abstract(s): S45

Roberto Orecchia

University of Milan, Scientific Directorate, Milan, Italy

He was graduated from the University of Turin and in the post doc period obtained degrees in Radiotherapy, Medical

Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging. Since 1994 he is Full Professor in Radiotherapy at the University of Milan and

Director of the Radiology Science Department at IEO (European Institute of Oncology). Since January 2015 he is

Scientific Director at the (IEO), in Milan, and at the CNAO Foundation, the first centre for hadrontherapy built in Italy,

providing proton and carbon ion beams. His clinical and research activities focuse on different fields of radiation therapy

and oncology, being since the beginning characterized by a strong interest for innovation. He published totally up to date

more than three hundred fifty scientific papers on journals listed in the Pub-Med.

Cécile Ortholan

Department of Radiation Oncology, CHPG, Monaco

Dr Cécile Ortholan, MD, PhD is a radiation oncologist. She has been the head of the department of radiotherapy at the

Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco since 2011. She has been involved in geriatric oncology for many years, with numerous

publications dealing with the adaptation of radiotherapy schedules in elderly patients. She is principal investigator of

the ongoing trial ELAN RT, evaluating hypo fractionated radiotherapy in elderly patients with head and neck cancer.

Speaker Abstract(s): S46